Fold-Up TV Lifts


Uniquely designed, light and compact, perfect for use in yachts and areas with limited wall space.

Fold-Up TV Lifts

Product Information

  • Outer aluminum frame attaches to the surrounding rough opening
  • Once installed, the lift allows for a Plasma or LCD TV to attach to a swing-arm operated by a counterbalanced & gear driven cam-lever system.
  • TV lift swings down for viewing and can be adjusted to swing back an additional 18 degrees for a proper viewing angle in any installation.
  • Activated standard by a relay interface (Typically 12VDC or other voltage) input to deploy the mechanism. An IR interface can also be used.
  • Built to last according to the strictest standards, with the most advanced technology available
  • The lifts are lightweight (42” (4″ base) model weighs only 45lbs) and use top quality motors for quiet operation


  • A structural marine grade aluminum
  • eli-arc welded construction
  • CNC machined components
  • 115-volt motors with overload protection (220 v optional)
  • 1.1 amp maximum current draw
  • Power outlet provided for TV hook-up
  • Equipped with a manual over-ride system
  • Simple relay interface 12vdc std. – 24 & 120vac switchable
  • Adjustable limit switch for viewing angle adjustment up to 18 degrees back
  • Rugged & marine capable duty # Palletized for shipment



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