Do your lifts come complete with everything I need?

Yes. After speaking with you and being sure that we explained to you all the available features and options, we draft up a Sales order to get your product processed. This ensures us that we are able to package everything needed for your order, including Remote Control, or the necessary parts needed to properly integrate your lift into your intended control system that we would have discussed with you earlier. We also pack full installation instructions along with contact information should you have any further questions while doing your installation. We are not through until you have your product up and running.

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Motivated Design has designed its products with longevity as one most important aspect, and as such, has experienced nearly 2 decades of only very minor Warranty claims. The ruggedness of our products along with the use of mostly non-corrosive materials has kept our customers thoroughly satisfied, even when the product has been subjected to more punishment than expected. This is a reason that the Marine Industry trusts and relies so heavily on us.  

Our Warranty terms are as follows:

  • Mechanical Components….For the life of the product under original ownership.
  • Electrical Components…. For the life of the product under original ownership*
  • Electrical Motors….10 years*

*Warranty Exempted if the product is subjected to misuse, neglect, has been modified, or tampered with as to be determined by Motivated Design.

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How do I get Pricing?

You can see on this site who are qualified dealer groups are. Try contacting one of these dealers for pricing information. As a guide, please read below:

  1. If inquiring about:
    Pop-up & Pop-up/Swivel lifts
    Hi-Low Table Lifts
    Typically a Professional Cabinet Maker/Cabinet Shop is who you might contact
  2. If inquiring about:
    Ceiling Fold-up lifts
    Inverted Pop-Down lifts
    Art & Panel lifts
    Retract Panel lifts
    Projector Lowering lifts
    Typically a Contractor, Architect or a Decorator would be who to contact
  3. Other companies that are helpful with Home Automation would be Audio/Video installers and some Alarm and Surveillance companies. If you already have a Project Manager or equivalent from any company that is in charge of your job, then as long as they have Wholesale purchasing ability, then they would be of help. Please call us if you need more assistance making an appropriate decision.

Motivated Design will always help to ensure that our customers receive the best support leading to the Best product and service while ensuring a pleasant customer experience

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Are your lifts compatible with all Flat screen TV’s?

Motivated Design is known for it’s versatile product line. Instead of the “One Size Fits All” approach, most of our TV lift products are designed to closely and elegantly fit every TV in every size group, and we update sizes as new TV models emerge. Adding to that, we offer so many options in every product group. This why you will need to contact us in order for us to help you get the most custom and appealing product that we can offer. We are sure that you will be impressed by the many ways we can accommodate you..

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What about lifts made in China?

You might have already run across these imported Chinese products on the Internet. Reliability and Service will likely be your biggest problems if attempted to go that route. We get calls from time to time to see if we can be of help to repair one of these units, but these products are not designed or built with that in mind, so they are a Throwaway.  Conversely, our lifts are well designed and built to last a lifetime, and they can have most parts easily replaced, if ever there is a need. Also, our products are totally rebuild-able in case of an unexpected, catastrophic incident. Please see our policies in the Warranty Section of the FAQs.

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What type of Swivel options do you have for the Pop-up and Swivel lifts?

Motivated Design can offer both Manual Swivels as well as Motorized/Electric Swivel options. Very early lifts from competitors were only motorized swivels and were tied into their own proprietary controls. When we designed our first swiveling lifts, we studied the concept and quickly came up with our Manual Swivel, and many others soon followed. In fact, as we suspected, we have found that the Manual is the most practical method for our Pop-up & Swivel lifts, and we sell most of them this format. We do, however, offer motorized swivel as well. Again, after studying this concept and realizing the problems that others had with this feature, like clumsier Gear Drives that broke the gears if forced or after being bumped in to. We then came out with our exclusive, quiet and smooth Belt Drive swivel. If forced for any reason, the belt just slips. As a bonus to this design, you can both Electrically or Manually swivel this lift. All models have a Fail-Safe feature to keep the lift from dropping if not in perfect alignment.

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“Do it yourself Kits”? Be careful and read this.

“Do it Yourself Kits” pretty much says what you already would suspect. An attempt to offer you a bare minimalist, poor functioning, and unattractive concept put together by unprofessional, non-engineer types. You will not be satisfied, should you should even get the unit to function properly. Certainly, nothing that you would be proud to own or to demonstrate. 

Motivated Design’s Pop-up and Pop-up & Swivel TV lifts are recommended to be installed featuring the more elegant, TV Enclosure. Flat Screen TVs are really cool but certainly are not too pretty on the back side, which screams out for the Enclosure. The Designers and Cabinet shops have ways to turn this TV Box into a magnificent piece of cabinetry that, once again, is simply more elegant. We do offer methods to utilize the Hinged Lid concept to address the closing lid for those that prefer. New for 2018, we are offering something in between. This will be a bracket for mounting the TV, that will support the narrow closing lid on top, and provide for attaching a thin, rear enclosure that can be made to hide as much of the TV’s rear end as wanted. This will offer a more simple but attractive appearance, but still hide the ugly stuff, cables, etc.

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