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How do I get Pricing?

Because every request and job is different, we’ve found that a quick phone consultation is the best way for us to meet your needs. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to get a better understanding of your needs. You can also call us directly at: 561-744-1290

You can see below, those who are qualified dealer groups. Try contacting one of these dealers for pricing information. As a guide, please read below:

  1. If inquiring about:
    Pop-up & Pop-up/Swivel lifts
    Hi-Low Table Lifts
    Typically a Professional Cabinet Maker/Cabinet Shop is who you might contact
  2. If inquiring about:
    Ceiling Fold-up lifts
    Inverted Pop-Down lifts
    Art & Panel lifts
    Retract Panel lifts
    Projector Lowering lifts
    Typically a Contractor, Architect or a Decorator would be who to contact
  3. Other companies that are helpful with Home Automation would be Audio/Video installers and some Alarm and Surveillance companies. If you already have a Project Manager or equivalent from any company that is in charge of your job, then as long as they have Wholesale purchasing ability, then they would be of help. Please call us if you need more assistance making an appropriate decision.

Motivated Design will always help to ensure that our customers receive the best support leading to the Best product and service while ensuring a pleasant customer experience

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