Motivated Design has been around for around 20 years. It is a venture that was started as a DBA of Vitsur Industries, Inc, a corporation started by John Vitsur in Miami Florida, that spent it’s earlier years in custom design and manufacturing of numerous products, as well as engineering design for other venture groups. More about John later but his reference will be used in the following history. During the number of years before Motivated Design, John became interested in the TV lift and automation market as he was often approached, because of his abilities, to design and build custom devices for local High-End Decorator groups that wanted their ideas brought to life. Not only was the money good, but he was always up to those challenges, and soon was sought after for similar work from those that discovered him, and later, those that he pursued. This led to doing projects from animated trade show displays to the likes of disappearing bookcases that led into secret rooms, etc. No challenge was a problem for Mr. Vitsur. That was to include a rather spectacular project that he designed and built by himself in Jupiter Florida, where he later moved to with his growing family. This project was the creation of a 30-foot diameter (700 SF) Rotating Living room for a home on the exclusive Jupiter Island. This home is praised for this feature daily as the Tour Boats pass by and boast about this unique feature. There is a link to this project else ware on this site. The time now came to design a well thought out design for TV lifts, as many had urged him to do. That is when Motivated Design was born. The name came from the evolution of John’s design history and it is a respected mark today. Motivated Design went on to design all of the TV lift products you see on this site, including some that may not be visible. We pride ourselves in creating unique designs that are not copies of others. That is because we consider our designs to be extremely well thought out, superior in many ways, and well proven in the field. We were not a Spin-off company like some others from the past with copied designs, nor did we follow their trends or others. Instead, we came up with what we thought would last the test of time, and have seen others take ideas from ours, after experiencing the failures that they realized early in their transition into the Flat Screen TV lift market. Motivated Design has a mission to offer the best that we can without having to compromise. We are not a huge company and do not expect to be. We are not out to take over the industry. We are, instead, out to make quality business relationships to those that respect what we have to offer, and then want to become our “Motivated Partners”. Offering the best product that we can, together with our caring customer service are the key to our success, and we intend to keep it that way. We invite anyone that believes in these principles to join our group.
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